• EPDM Rubber

  • Latex Rubber

  • Low Odor Laser Rubber

  • Natural Rubber

  • Neoprene™ Rubber

  • Nitrile Rubber

  • Photopolymers

  • Polyethylene Rubber

  • Polyurethane Rubber

  • SBR Rubber

  • Silicone Rubber

  • Viton®

Laser Engraving of Elastomers
The power of the CO2 laser beam can be limited so that it removes (engraves) material to a specified depth. The laser engraving process can be used to create intricate patterns and designs in the elastomer surface.

Laser Marking of Elastomers
For some elastomers, like silicone, a Fiber laser can be used to create a visible mark without removing material. However the mark is faint. Therefore the laser engraving process is used more commonly for applying a part number or other identifying mark to elastomers.

Combined Processes
The laser cutting and engraving processes described above can be combined without having to move or re-fixture the elastomer.